TiECON 2013 brings together key players in the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem with TiE Charter Members from TiE Chapters in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Engage in a rich dialogue with a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry executives, and thought leaders over a day of networking, inspiring talks, expert panel sessions and idea sharing.

TiECON 2013 will comprise a day-long conference followed by an evening networking session.

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  • Keynotes on opportunities in India, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Practical panel sessions with in-market entrepreneurs and experts
  • How to get your startup launched with no money!
  • How to scale into growth markets and raise capital
  • How to select partners and investors in markets outside Australia
  • Pitching Event to a panel of Asian investors and entrepreneurs with exciting prizes!
  • Working lunch with expert mentors
  • Evening Networking Drinks with great music

Finding Good Orthopedic Shoes

Finding Good Orthopedic Shoes

When someone is shopping for a new pair of shoes, it is important for the shoes that are picked out to be shoes that are going to offer their feet good support and feel good when they are worn. The one who is shopping for orthopedic shoes must find those that are made well and that will work out well for all of their needs. It is important that a person knows which Orthotic Shoes to purchase.

The one who is shopping for orthopedic shoes must find those that are well made so that they will be able to wear the shoes many times without them wearing out. They must find a pair of shoes that are crafted by a company that tries to put out only products that will last a long time.

The one who is shopping for orthopedic shoes must find those that are going to support their foot in a way that feels perfect for them. The one looking for orthopedic shoes must find good ones in order to know that their feet will have all of the help that they need when they walk on them.

The one who is shopping for orthopedic shoes wants to find good ones so that they can feel stylish when they wear the shoes that they pick out. The one looking for such shoes should find those that come from a good brand so that they can wear shoes that look nice and help them feel fashionable.

It is important for a person to pick out the best orthopedic shoes when they are shopping for such things. The one who is looking for shoes that will work out well for all of their needs must find those that come from a good company.

Professional Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Professional Graffiti Removal Melbourne

As a business owner, the last thing that you probably want to deal with is finding that there is graffiti on the outside of your building. However, no matter how careful you might be to prevent it, this is something that can happen. Luckily, there are professional companies out there that offer professional graffiti removal Melbourne, and hiring one of these companies can help your business.

Discourage Future Graffiti

First of all, professional graffiti removal Melbourne can actually help prevent future graffiti from being a problem. After all, if people see that your building is already riddled with graffiti, they could be that much more tempted to add a little more. If you keep up with cleaning graffiti up as soon as it appears, however, you can help prevent it from happening later. You don’t want your commercial property to become well-known as the place to go for graffiti.

Avoid a Bad Reputation

No matter how hard you might work to maintain a reputable business, the truth is that your company can develop a bad reputation if there is a lot of graffiti on your property. It can make it appear as if your business is located in a bad part of town or that you don’t take good care of your property. Over time, this can cause you to lose a lot of business, which can obviously be a very bad thing for your company and for your bottom line. Focusing on professional graffiti removal Melbourne, however, can help prevent this from happening.

Maintain Your Property

The longer that graffiti sits on your building without being removed, the harder it will be to get rid of. This can cause significant, lasting damage to your property and can lower your property values. If you focus on removing graffiti as quickly as you can — such as by hiring a professional service to do it for you — you can help prevent this lasting damage and can help maintain your property’s appearance as well as its value.

As you can see, if you are a business owner who is dealing with graffiti, it is important to do something about it as quickly as possible. Luckily, you do not have to worry about doing all of the work yourself. Instead, you can hire a professional service that offers professional graffiti removal to take care of the problem.